Thursday, September 26, 2013

The More You Know...

A fellow Mom of a Lily (she even spelled it right!) asked me to share this important message on this day. I am happy to help when it comes to matters of your heath. Go check out her site and learn more!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Year two of the Lake Padden relay for Team HARM (Holly, Amy, Rob, Marty). We raced against our spouses (and Poppa Wayne) Team Married into Crazy, and lost. It was still a fun day with lots of family and friends participating. Lily even decided to run at the last minute and did two laps, 5.2 miles in 54 minutes, talking the whole time. When Lily and I hit the first hill, she turned to me and said, "Come on Mom!!". After the second hill I told her to run ahead. That kid is a natural!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scentsy Family Adventures

I finally updated my Scentsy Family Adventures photo book. Oh the fun adventures I have had, and there is more to come! 
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to Crazy!!

I knew August was going to be crazy, I just didn't imagine it would be so stressful! My brother Marty and his wife Tiff just left for a mission trip to Africa on Wednesday night, and dropped their four kids off with us.
We have been planning this for months, and I was well prepared for the chaos of kids. What I hadn't planned on was the roof.
Dan started ripping off our roof last week, and realized it was WAY bigger of a job than he could do on his own. So he called for help and Gordon helped tear off shingles last Friday. After a few hours, they realized roofing sucks, and Dan called professional help.....of the roofing kind.
Thank goodness the roofers could start right away, and they have been working since Monday. This job was more complicated than expected, with three layers of shingles, damage underneath, ant's nests, and much more. We also had to remove the gutters and the patio. What a mess!!
So in the middle of this, the kids showed up. I had planned on outdoor activities to keep them busy, but with nails, boards, ladders, power tools, and a tractor in the yard, it really wasn't safe......ok, I just didn't trust Drew not to climb up and try to "help" the roofers.
Oh, and the roofers broke the water line and I was without water on Wednesday, way to make me panic!
Thursday's excitement started with finding a pee tree. This is necessary when we have one, yes only one, bathroom with 8 people. I was trying to take a shower when the kids were pounding on the door, saying Drew had to pee. I yelled back to take him outside. What's funny is that my Mom stopped by and found my hubby peeing in the backyard.
Another challenge is Drew is gluten free. I had planned dinner so that I could dish up Drew before I gluten the rest of the meal for everyone else. It never crossed my mind that if Drew dropped his plate of food, he would have nothing to eat. Lesson learned. So now I make two gluten free plates for Drew.
I have found myself repeating, "Go ask Nate" when they ask any electronic question, and "Auntie doesn't speak Pokemon". Today in the car I kept repeating, "Worry about yourself".
Gotta run, someone just broke a fan!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scentsy Family Reunion 2013

My fourth convention with Scentsy, which is now called Scentsy Family Reunion, was in Indianapolis this month. What a blast we had! From the first morning with the first annual Scentsy Family 5k, to the Kelly Clarkson concert that night. Then two days of exciting announcements and inspirational speakers. I loved the brand expo where we got to see and touch all the new products! My favorite part of any Scentsy event is seeing my Scentsy peeps! We really are a big family and I love getting so see them! Can't wait for next year in St. Louis!!

 My Scentsy sister from Canada brought me Timbits!!

 My team members, Snow Angels, who attended #sfr2013.


This is my favorite picture! Nate (who I met in Cancun at Leadership, and loved to photo bomb our pictures there) just happened to be coming down when we were getting this pictures, so of course he took the opportunity to photo bomb us. On the escalator were other friends of mine, so they got caught in the picture too!

Small Town Independence Day

We spent 4th of July at my Dad's on the Oregon/Idaho border. It was HOT! But as always, we had fun. The kids rode the four wheeler and we all were in the small town of Greenleaf Idaho's parade. There was a lighting storm that came through and it started a wildfire only 4 miles from us. Nate spotted the fire on the hillside when it had just started, and it ended up spreading to 44,000 acres. We were thankful that the Snake River was between us and the fire, so we were safe. It's always great to spend time with Dad and Marsha, and I'm glad the kids get to make memories.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sand Castle Contest 2013

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We participated for the 4th year in a row, in the Sand Castle contest at Birch Bay. We had a blast! Our team won 2nd place in the Team/Family division with our Treasure Island.  Nate made his own creation and Lily and Emma made their own also. What a beautiful, fun day! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Peer Pressure

Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing.

We have been trying to get Lily to ride her bike for the last two years, and she flat out refuses. She used to ride it with training wheels, but once we took them off, she got scared. She fell over a couple times and just decided it wasn't worth it.

I'm not a big bike rider myself, but it's nice to have the kids ride while I run the trail, or when we go to the park. Lily can't ride her scooter on the gravel path, so most trips to the park were walking. We could get there faster if she just would ride her bike! I even bribed her with a new bike helmet if she would ride her bike.

So this week Lily had a bike safety course at school. She's done it before, but this year, her friends were all really excited and all talked about riding bikes to school. Little miss social bug did not want to miss out. So she jumped on her bike and practiced. It only took a few minutes and she had gained confidence and was off. So she got to ride her bike to school with her friends. And after school, she rode her bike to her friend's house, as I ran behind.......far behind.

So peer pressure worked for good this week. And it looks like I owe Lily a new helmet.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

15 years!

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary. Well....he ended up getting called to work, so there was no celebration together. I was bummed. I had my hair done yesterday morning and was ready to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner. My besties felt sorry for me (and will take any excuse to call an emergency girls night) and took me out for margaritas. We laughed and told stories from my wedding day and recreated a picture from that day. I am so blessed to have these loyal ladies in my life. Oh, and blessed to be able to be Mrs. Snow for the last 15 years. Honey, you still owe me a night out!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Marty and Tiff to Africa

My brother Marty and his wife Tiff are going on a mission trip to Africa this summer. Tiff went on this trip two years ago and left part of her heart there. She's taking Marty back and they are going with a group from Christ the King Community church.
While they are gone, I will be helping take care of their 4 kids. My kids are super excited and this Auntie is already started collecting ideas on fun things to do.
Follow their journey to Africa on their facebook page,
I am also helping them raise money for this trip. I am doing fundraisers with Scentsy, Velata and Grace Adele. If you go to each of my sites,(just click on sidebar) and click on Africa Mission Trip Fundraiser, then shop, my commissions from your purchase will go towards their trip.
Not everyone can travel around the world and help others, but by supporting this fundraiser, you are helping those who have a heart to serve. Thank you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Happy Dance

I always do a little happy dance when my Scentsy team grows. I tried to get my kids in on this little tradition, but they gave me funny looks. Finally one day Nate told me that when my team hit 100 consultants, he and Lily would do a happy dance. Challenge accepted! I posted a picture with me holding a sign telling them Nate's promise, on my team's facebook page. My team got excited and we started to grow. A few weeks ago we finally hit 100, and here is their happy dance! (Note, they get their dancing skills from their father).

May Birthdays

May is always crazy here, and we are only 9 days in. Dan and Lily both have birthdays at the beginning of the month, so we celebrated both of them with family and friends. I lost count of how many people we had, but let's just say there was always someone doing the potty dance outside the one bathroom we have.
We totally lucked out and had a beautiful day, almost 80 degrees! Goodness, that's a rarity in the summer, let alone in May! So we pulled out the small pool and sprinkler and let the "kids" play. You can tell from the pictures who the biggest kid is!