Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starfish, Crabs and More Fun Sea Creatures

Lily's class went on a field trip today to Larabee State Park. We had a great time. The weather was overcast, not warm or cold. When I went on this field trip with Nate's class, it poured down rain the whole time, and we were soaked. We still got wet stomping through tide pools, but at least it wasn't cold. We found a million starfish, and crabs of all sizes. There were multiple times when kids would pick up a big crab, thinking it was dead. When the crab moved, or tried to pinch them, they would drop it and scream.

Lily's not smiling in the picture, because she's giving the "quick take the picture because I don't like holding sea creatures" look.

This is my favorite of the kid's field trips, and I'm kinda sad that I won't get to go again. They really are growing up too fast!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need a Fundraiser?

Does your group or organization need a fundraiser? I can help you out by doing a Scentsy fundraiser. I can tailor make the fundraiser to fit your organization's needs. Click on the Scentsy link to learn more about the products, then contact me for more details!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Things to remember before the next surgery...

I'm writing this post to myself. I will have surgery on my right ear this summer, and I need to remember some of these important things.

  • Stock up on yogurt and gummy bears. They will be the only things that taste good for the first 3 days post op.
  • Hide the big blue ball. Otherwise, the kids will bounce on it right in front of you, sending your head spinning.
  • Don't plan on driving for at least 10 days. Shop for groceries accordingly.
  • If you sleep on your good ear, you will NOT hear the alarm, phone, kids, hubby.......this can be good and bad!
  • Go over the rules with the kids about NOT opening the door for anyone that shows up at the door.
  • Don't try to bake until you have regained hearing. Otherwise you will burn the cookies because you can't hear the timer go off!
  • Sometimes the ringing is in your ear, sometimes it's the phone. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
  • Don't take the applesauce the nurse offers you post op. You WILL puke it up immediately.
  • Ask for more anti-nausea meds before leaving the surgery center. Otherwise the ride home will not be fun.
  • Schedule surgery in the early morning. Fasting sucks!
  • Shave your legs before surgery. Don't expect to do so again for at least a week.
  • Don't try to watch TV with closed captioning. The words go by to fast and they make you dizzy.
  • Try not to be too bossy to the hubby......and just don't go into the kitchen. It's just better to not know!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you hear me now?

So I am 8 days post op. I'm feeling much better, besides being tired and dizzy. I still can't hear from the ear that had surgery, and my other ear is at 50%. I got a phone call from my Grandpa the other night and the first words out of his mouth were, "Can you hear me now?". No, Grandpa, I can't hear you now. I'm getting very impatient, only because I don't like to sit and wait. I would rather be up and around doing everything, and right now I can't. I don't trust myself to drive yet, because of the dizziness.

Dan has been a good sport since surgery. When he puts the drops in my ears, he gets out his headlamp flashlight to see better. I give him a thumbs up when I can hear what he said to me. He cooked and took care of the kids the whole first week, letting me rest as much as I could. Most of the first week, food didn't smell, taste, or sound good. Dan would bring me a plate of food, then stand there and wait for me to spit it out, or refuse it from just the smell.

My family has been great. A big thank you to Katie, who brought dinner one night. Also thanks to my Mother in Law who "babysat" me last Saturday when Dan brought the kids to a church BBQ. My Mom and sister keep checking in and making sure I'm taking it easy.

So thank you everyone for the prayers. I'm still praying that my hearing will be fully restored. I was told that it takes about 10 days to fully hear again, so I just need patience for a few more days!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you for the prayers!

Praise the Lord, and thank you everyone for praying for Grant. He was diagnosed with a serious soft tissue infection, and if antibiotics didn't work, they were going to have to do surgery to remove the infection. After just two days of antibiotics, Grant improved remarkably, and was discharged last night. He's home now, and able to walk around. He will still be on strong aniboitics, but at least he is home with family.

So while Grant was down at Children's Hospital, I went in for surgery on my ear. To be specific, a left stapedectomy. Surgery went well, and the doctor was happy with how things went. I was very dizzy and nauseous Wed night, and had a rough ride home. I am still very dizzy and not getting around yet. I am super tired, and am not eating much either. My right ear is feeling sympathetic to the left, and is plugged up. So now I really can't hear a thing. Dan put the closed captioning on the TV for me, but reading it just made me dizzy. Even looking at the computer right now has me spinning. It will take about 10 days for me to be able to hear clearly. I'm ready to get my family cards to hold up to me, because I can't hear them talking to me! I'm hoping that this all passes soon, or I may not be so excited to get the other ear done in a couple months!

Please keep both Grant and I in your prayers. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for my 3 year old nephew Grant. He had leg pain the last few days and after two days at the Dr., they sent him to Children's Hospital in Seattle. Right now they are waiting on test results. If the infection is bacterial, he goes into surgery tonight. If it's viral, then they do an MRI in the morning. Please, please pray that God will heal him and that the Dr.'s will find the answers. Thank you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all of you Moms had a great Mother's Day. Here's the gift to my Step-Mom Marsha. The bottom pictures is all 6 of us kids and families. The top is all four of us kids for my Mom. What a crew!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

We had such a beautiful Saturday! The kids and I went to two local parks today, then came home to play in the yard. I did some yard work, and the kids played in the sprinkler and slip n slide. I forgot how good a sunny day feels!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lily's Pierced Ears

Lily has to plan and think everything through (I have NO idea where she gets that from). A couple weeks ago she came to me and asked how much it hurt to get your ears pierced. She has to know what she is getting into before she commits to anything. I told her it would pinch and hurt, but then be fine. She thought about it for a day, and came back and said she wanted to get her ears pierced. I was a little surprised, and not sure I was ready for that. But since her birthday was soon, I told her we could do it on her birthday. I figured this would give her time to change her mind. She held true and told everyone she was going to get her ears pierced on her birthday.

So yesterday after school I took her to the mall. She picked out cute pink daisy earrings. I wanted two people available so that they could do both ears at once. The store only had one person working, so I just prayed Lily would not freak out after the first ear!

Lily got a little nervous as she was sitting in the chair waiting for the poke. They had a teddy bear available to squeeze, so she held on tight to that bear. The gal gave a one, two, and pierced on three. Lily said, "Ow", and that was it. She said it hurt, but gave a big smile when we gave her the mirror to see the earring. She held still, and didn't even say a thing after the second ear was done. I am so proud of how brave she was, and how well she took it. We even had strangers that were watching comment on how well Lily did.

She loves her earrings, and knows they have to be cleaned three times a day. She bugged me first thing this morning to clean her ears.

I can't believe how fast she grew up overnight! My baby girl isn't a little anymore!

Lily Turns 7

Lily had a busy birthday weekend. Saturday we celebrated her birthday with the family. Sunday she invited her friends over for a party. Yesterday she brought brownies to class. Three days of birthdays. I let her pick out her pinata and she choose Sponge Bob. I'm not a fan of Sponge Bob, but the idea of them beating him up appealed to me. I was nervous about her party on Sunday, she had invited her whole class, plus a few other friends. We ended up with 14 kids, and they all did great. The all took turns swinging at the pinata, and even stayed back until the whole thing broke (I am always so scared that someone will get hit with the bat!). Lily had a great birthday and knows she's a "lucky ducky" to have three days of birthdays!