Wednesday, March 28, 2012

80's Dance

My sister turned 30 this week, and we are planning an 80's dance this weekend to celebrate! My friends and I have been shopping for the perfect  attire. I found a great purple prom dress at  Value Village and was excited to wear it.....until my sister found my old Tolo dress. After 19 years, that sparkly red dress still fits!! So of course I have to wear it!!
We have been watching old episodes of Saved By the Bell to get hair ideas. And I made an 80's music playlist last night. That music is totally rad!!

Here's a few old pictures of me that are the inspiration for this weekend......don't laugh too hard!

Monday, March 26, 2012

If the Devil can't make you bad, he will make you busy!

Seriously, things are too crazy to keep up. I set high goals for this year, in both personal and business. I knew that with high goals, life would get crazy.....and I had no idea how crazy it would get.

My Grandparent's have had health issues all year, and I lost my Step-Grandfather earlier this year. Nate's broken nose needed surgery, so there was pre-op, then surgery within a week of him breaking his nose. Then back for more appointments the next week. The day of Nate's surgery, I got an infected wisdom tooth, and found out that I need all four pulled. I have been subbing more than before, and the kids are busy with activities.

With all those things, excuses would be easy. I could say I don't have time to workout, or that I need to put my business on the back burner. But I won't. I don't like excuses, and I will do my best to keep working towards those goals, no matter the obstacle.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Broken Nose

It's official, we have the first broken bone in the family. Not a shocker that it's Nate. He was playing Dodge ball at church, and was hit in the nose with a garbage can.....Que the kick the can jokes. We spend most of Friday in and out of doctor's offices, getting a CT scan, just to find out it's broken, and there's nothing they can do until the swelling goes down. We see a specialist tomorrow and will find out what they want to do. Here's the progression of the last few days. He's been a trooper, not complaining at all. Funny thing is, the unit he is doing in PE is dodge ball, so of course I had to send a note excusing him from PE!