Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Job

Nate has been mowing our lawn for the last two years. He doesn't always do the best job, but he's getting better. This spring, when my Grandpa passed away, there was talk of hiring a lawn care company to mow the lawn for Grandma. I told them Nate could do it, for way less! I'm over there every week to work in the garden, so it has worked out great. Nate was shown how Grandpa liked the yard, and has been expected to do it right, or do it over.
It's been a great learning experience for him. He has been very responsible and has done a great job. We talked about how if he does good work, others may want to hire him also. He is saving some of his money for Fair week, and the rest for a Wii game.
I am a firm believer in teaching kids life skills. They need to learn these skills before they leave home. They need to take on responsibilities, and suffer the consequences if they don't follow through.
Pretty proud of my kiddo!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We had a fun weekend camping along the river. I am so thankful that Dan took all of July off to spend with us. Friday night was filled with thunder and lightning, but we were still able to sit outside and watch. Dan packed the BBQ and smoked a brisket on Saturday, and it was amazing. My Grandma came out on Saturday and played cards. Nate and Lily are now happy to take your dimes! Nate packed his new BB gun, and was shooting targets and pop cans all weekend. Lily had cousin Bailey to play with, and I got to relax!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday, Nate the Great!

Happy 12th Birthday to my Nate the Great!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Town Fun

We spent the week of the 4th of July at my Dad and step Mom's house on the Oregon/Idaho border. The week was spent doing small farm town things. BBQ's with friends, riding motorcycles and four wheelers, and water balloon fights. We rode Dad's tractor through a small town parade, and went to a rodeo that night. I love that the kids get to experience these things that I grew up with.