Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scentsy Sale!

Scentsy's 10% off sale is going on now, and these fall/winter scents are going away!! Great time to stock up on your favorites.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thankfulness Challenge

I know everyone posts what they are thankful for in November. But truth is we need to be thankful all year round. And on top of that, we need to tell others that we are thankful for them. It's been on my heart to reach out to others this year and tell them how thankful I am for what they do and who they are. So many times I think about it, but never say it. It only takes a couple minutes to write a note, or type and email. But I have found that the recipients appreciate the kind words immensely. So that's the challenge, let's all tell others that we are thankful for them. I will start with a few, but the possibilities are endless. Teachers, Principles, family, friends, mail carrier, youth leaders, pastors, bus drivers, co-workers........

Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Year Scentiversary!

Four years ago tomorrow, I changed my life. I had no idea what I was doing! I fell in love with my Scentsy warmer and scents, and figured I might as well purchase them from myself. I knew they would be good gifts, and that everyone else would love them as much as I did. And I was right.
I started actually selling the products, without feeling like a salesperson. I was just sharing my love of the products. Then I started recruiting. Why not help others share the love too? My team started to grow. I saw how this business didn't feel like business. It was fun! How could a "job" be fun?
My first light bulb moment came at my first Scentsy event, World Tour. I caught the Scentsy Spirit. I set goals, and reached Director that year. I started traveling to Conventions in the Summer (new cities I had never been to!) and Spring Sprints.
My next big light bulb moment came at Boot Camp for Directors. I realized my "why" and found focus. I worked on me physically, so that I had more to give my family and my team. I made friendships with other Directors that week and appreciate their support and encouragement.
Then the Scentsy Family expanded with more things I love, chocolate and purses. Goodness, this girl is in heaven!
And just last month, my hubby and I went to Cancun for Leadership Retreat. That trip was amazing, and 5 years ago I would never have imagined us being on a trip like that. I see my future with Scentsy Family, and it's bright!
What started as a love of the products has gained me friendships, traveling adventures and a renewed faith in myself. I'm not just a "Mom" anymore, I am a business owner leading a growing team.
I call the Scentsy Family the fun bus. It's full of fun people, traveling to fun places and will eventually take me to my final destination (my goals).
I am truly thankful for my Scentsy journey so far. What a blessing it has been to me. And the best is yet to come!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toy Room is now a Den!

We are finally done with the remodel! What we used to call the toy room is now renamed the den. Here's one more before picture.

And after scraping the popcorn ceiling, painting the ceiling, pulling out carpet, pulling down paneling, fixing some walls, new lighting, new paint, new floor, new wainscoting, new trim, new outlets, new TV and a new's the finished room!

We are loving it, and I'm thrilled with how my "vision" came to life!!