Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scentsy Family Adventures

I finally updated my Scentsy Family Adventures photo book. Oh the fun adventures I have had, and there is more to come! 
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to Crazy!!

I knew August was going to be crazy, I just didn't imagine it would be so stressful! My brother Marty and his wife Tiff just left for a mission trip to Africa on Wednesday night, and dropped their four kids off with us.
We have been planning this for months, and I was well prepared for the chaos of kids. What I hadn't planned on was the roof.
Dan started ripping off our roof last week, and realized it was WAY bigger of a job than he could do on his own. So he called for help and Gordon helped tear off shingles last Friday. After a few hours, they realized roofing sucks, and Dan called professional help.....of the roofing kind.
Thank goodness the roofers could start right away, and they have been working since Monday. This job was more complicated than expected, with three layers of shingles, damage underneath, ant's nests, and much more. We also had to remove the gutters and the patio. What a mess!!
So in the middle of this, the kids showed up. I had planned on outdoor activities to keep them busy, but with nails, boards, ladders, power tools, and a tractor in the yard, it really wasn't safe......ok, I just didn't trust Drew not to climb up and try to "help" the roofers.
Oh, and the roofers broke the water line and I was without water on Wednesday, way to make me panic!
Thursday's excitement started with finding a pee tree. This is necessary when we have one, yes only one, bathroom with 8 people. I was trying to take a shower when the kids were pounding on the door, saying Drew had to pee. I yelled back to take him outside. What's funny is that my Mom stopped by and found my hubby peeing in the backyard.
Another challenge is Drew is gluten free. I had planned dinner so that I could dish up Drew before I gluten the rest of the meal for everyone else. It never crossed my mind that if Drew dropped his plate of food, he would have nothing to eat. Lesson learned. So now I make two gluten free plates for Drew.
I have found myself repeating, "Go ask Nate" when they ask any electronic question, and "Auntie doesn't speak Pokemon". Today in the car I kept repeating, "Worry about yourself".
Gotta run, someone just broke a fan!