Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sand Castle Contest 2013

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We participated for the 4th year in a row, in the Sand Castle contest at Birch Bay. We had a blast! Our team won 2nd place in the Team/Family division with our Treasure Island.  Nate made his own creation and Lily and Emma made their own also. What a beautiful, fun day! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Peer Pressure

Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing.

We have been trying to get Lily to ride her bike for the last two years, and she flat out refuses. She used to ride it with training wheels, but once we took them off, she got scared. She fell over a couple times and just decided it wasn't worth it.

I'm not a big bike rider myself, but it's nice to have the kids ride while I run the trail, or when we go to the park. Lily can't ride her scooter on the gravel path, so most trips to the park were walking. We could get there faster if she just would ride her bike! I even bribed her with a new bike helmet if she would ride her bike.

So this week Lily had a bike safety course at school. She's done it before, but this year, her friends were all really excited and all talked about riding bikes to school. Little miss social bug did not want to miss out. So she jumped on her bike and practiced. It only took a few minutes and she had gained confidence and was off. So she got to ride her bike to school with her friends. And after school, she rode her bike to her friend's house, as I ran behind.......far behind.

So peer pressure worked for good this week. And it looks like I owe Lily a new helmet.