Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rock Star Auntie!

I pride myself on being the favorite Auntie! I work hard to claim this title! So last week when I had my brother's four kids for the day, I knew I needed to make the day special.
The youngest kiddo of the day, Drew, is gluten free. Sometimes it's hard to find fun food that is gluten free. But this Auntie has some tricks up her sleeve.
First was a snack mix made of popcorn, rice Chex, m&m's and Velata chocolate. The hard part was waiting for the chocolate to harden (I ended up putting it in the fridge because the kids got impatient).
Then Drew said, "Auntie will you teach me to make play dough, so I can remember when I am grown up?". So we made a fresh batch of play dough in orange, Drew's color of choice.
And for dinner, we made chicken skewers on the Velata Raclette, along with applesauce with cinnamon and sugar in the trays. Super simple and very yummy (and of course gluten free!). They were a huge hit to all the kids who thought anything on a stick is fun.
I managed to score some Auntie points that day, and had a fun day myself!