Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Soccer

Here we go, another start of Spring soccer. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it's never an easy start to the season. We are lucky if we don't have standing water on the field. Yesterday's weather was bi-polar, sun, wind, hail, snow and rain. I mentally had to prepare myself for today, knowing the weather could do anything.
We headed out the door with full winter gear, even though the sun was shining bright. My checklist included, hand and toe warmers, hats, gloves, umbrella, blanket, lawn chair, hot coffee and a charged camera.

Good news was it turned out to be a beautiful day, and a great start to the season. Lily's team won, and she played hard. She is a fast runner and can find that extra gear when needed to outrun the other team. Hopefully this great start will continued throughout the season. Just in checklist is staying in the car!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Do you have a name for your car? Mine is called Eva. She is talking Ford Edge, so the kids and I decided that she needed a name, and came up with Eva. When Eva talks, we talk back. Her favorite thing to say is, 'Please say a command". Sometimes she gets the command wrong, and we have to tell her to cancel.
 We laugh when she says some people's names funny. My nickname for my sister in law is Zoebird, and that's what I have as her contact info on my phone. So when I ask Eva to call Zoebird, Eva says,"Calling ZoAbird".
The other day Eva made a funny noise when I hit the brakes, and Lily commented from the backseat, "Eva farted!". Yep, Eva is a member of our family!