Thursday, May 27, 2010

Starfish, Crabs and More Fun Sea Creatures

Lily's class went on a field trip today to Larabee State Park. We had a great time. The weather was overcast, not warm or cold. When I went on this field trip with Nate's class, it poured down rain the whole time, and we were soaked. We still got wet stomping through tide pools, but at least it wasn't cold. We found a million starfish, and crabs of all sizes. There were multiple times when kids would pick up a big crab, thinking it was dead. When the crab moved, or tried to pinch them, they would drop it and scream.

Lily's not smiling in the picture, because she's giving the "quick take the picture because I don't like holding sea creatures" look.

This is my favorite of the kid's field trips, and I'm kinda sad that I won't get to go again. They really are growing up too fast!!

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Stephana said...

Lily looks sooooo different when she's not smiling!!