Friday, May 21, 2010

Things to remember before the next surgery...

I'm writing this post to myself. I will have surgery on my right ear this summer, and I need to remember some of these important things.

  • Stock up on yogurt and gummy bears. They will be the only things that taste good for the first 3 days post op.
  • Hide the big blue ball. Otherwise, the kids will bounce on it right in front of you, sending your head spinning.
  • Don't plan on driving for at least 10 days. Shop for groceries accordingly.
  • If you sleep on your good ear, you will NOT hear the alarm, phone, kids, hubby.......this can be good and bad!
  • Go over the rules with the kids about NOT opening the door for anyone that shows up at the door.
  • Don't try to bake until you have regained hearing. Otherwise you will burn the cookies because you can't hear the timer go off!
  • Sometimes the ringing is in your ear, sometimes it's the phone. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
  • Don't take the applesauce the nurse offers you post op. You WILL puke it up immediately.
  • Ask for more anti-nausea meds before leaving the surgery center. Otherwise the ride home will not be fun.
  • Schedule surgery in the early morning. Fasting sucks!
  • Shave your legs before surgery. Don't expect to do so again for at least a week.
  • Don't try to watch TV with closed captioning. The words go by to fast and they make you dizzy.
  • Try not to be too bossy to the hubby......and just don't go into the kitchen. It's just better to not know!

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