Thursday, March 10, 2011

Auntie is slacking!

Wow I have been busy! I started my new job at the school, adding more hours onto my part time job. I had a crazy busy weekend at the Home Show last weekend, and I'm still catching up from that! Lily started soccer practice today, and I'm waiting to hear from Nate's coach. I'm pretty much slacking on everything, just trying to keep the family in the right place at the right time.

So today Dan offered to babysit the twins and Drew. They love coming over to play. I only got to hang out with them for an hour today, in between work, volunteering, and back to work again. Dan told me that Grant walked into the kitchen and asked for a cookie. He knows that Auntie Holly ALWAYS has cookies. Well.....not today. I've been so busy, and cookies are not a priority. I guess Grant left the kitchen with his head down and his heart broken. I felt so bad!

As I was sitting at Lily's soccer practice tonight, I was reminded that Nate needed snacks for a Safety Patrol Party tomorrow. I asked him what he wanted, and of course he said cookies. So I started making a batch of bar cookies (I can whip those out in 25 minutes flat!). Of course Lily wanted cookies too, so I had to make two batches. And of course had to add green M&M's because it's almost St. Patrick's Day.

Hopefully the cookies will last until this weekend when I see Grant (who's favorite color is green!). Maybe I can get back some Auntie points!

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Tiff said...

Oh, poor Auntie! Grant will be fine, I assure you, but I'm sorry you feel so frazzled!!