Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Prep

My to do list to get ready for Easter (along with every other Mom and single Dad out there):

Easter dress for Lily
New shoes to match new Easter dress
New sweater to match Easter dress (because it's cold here on Easter and somehow every Easter dress out there is short sleeved.....geesh!)
New shirt for Nate
New top for me
Candy and gifts for baskets
Jelly beans to leave as Easter bunny poop
Carrots to leave out the night before, for the Easter bunny
2 dozen eggs, boiled (Don't wait until the last minute!)
2 dozen eggs colored
3 batches of rolls (homemade) for Easter dinner
1 dessert for 2nd Easter celebration
Charge camera
I'm sure there is more....I'm just too busy to keep going.

My Hubby's Prep for Easter:
Put on the shirt I pick out for him and walk out the door. (I'm just glad he's home!!! )

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