Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things the Snow children said....

My kids have been cracking me up lately!!

We were talking with my Dad's cousin, who we haven't seen in years. He made the comment that the last time he saw Lily, she wasn't talking yet. Nate pipes in, "Those were the days!".

I was looking through grocery store ads, making noises with my mouth without even realizing I was doing it. Lily asked if I was making kissing sounds, and I said no. She said that she was talking with friends and they told her those were kissing sounds and Lily told them, "No, that's the noise my Mom makes when she is thinking".

I have started making chili in preparation for our friend's annual chili cook off. Lily told me that the secret to a winning chili is using lots of Johnny's Seasoning. Because Daddy used lots of Johnny's last year, and he won!

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