Friday, December 30, 2011

Reasons I NEED a Clubhouse

I have had a dream for the last few years of having a clubhouse. Our family is growing, and growing, and there are few places to host all these family gatherings. We have very few places to host a Stauffer Sunday! When I hosted last February, I had 52 people in my house!! Amy's baby shower had 25 people, Thanksgiving at my house was 30 people, and Christmas with my Dad and Step Mom was 23 people. So we NEED space to host these events. So that's why I want a clubhouse. I have it all planned in my head. Nothing fancy, just practical and room for all these people! The kitchen would hold commercial grade appliances, big roasters, commercial coffee pots and everything needed for a large group. I keep adding things to this clubhouse in my mind......until I hosted Christmas last week with my Dad. Dad likes to buy the "boys" some sort of weapon, have them all rip them open and start battling in my house. After the pictures frames started falling off the wall, I realized one thing that the clubhouse will NOT have is breakables.

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