Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowed In

The kids and I are snowed in. I haven't driven anywhere since Sunday. Monday was a holiday, and school has been canceled the last three days. Tuesday was the PERFECT snow day. The snow was fluffy and it wasn't too cold. The kids played with their friends in the snow. Then the wind came yesterday. A very cold Northeaster that dropped us down to 9 degrees (-9 with the wind chill). Of course one of my pellet stoves quit working, and Dan went off to work. I'm too cheap to have a repairman out, when I know Dan can fix it. So we are relying on space heaters.

We have been keeping busy, and surprisingly the kids don't have Cabin Fever. I have been trying new recipes from Pinterest, and they are good......not so good for my waistline. I am so thankful for my stockpile of groceries, and the ability to stay home with the kids. It's supposed to warm up to 32 today, but it's still only 18 degrees. I'm thinking we may not have school again tomorrow. I'm babysitting my nephews tomorrow, but if there's no school, that will add my niece and my own kids to the mix. 7 kids, ages 11 to 7 weeks. Praying for a warm up and school tomorrow!

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Tiff said...

Well, at least seven kids will be a big distraction for each other! Good luck! ;)