Friday, February 17, 2012


Wow, blog post number 600! I was going through old files and found this list I made when I was speaking at my church's Mom's group. I know you all can relate!!

You Are A Mom of School Kids When…..

  • You feel like your name is Mom’s Taxi
  • You can fill a notebook with different schedules and lists- snack schedules, teacher’s notes, sports schedules, school calendar ect…
  • The only adult conversation you’ve had today was with the school crossing guard
  • Your child’s teacher is starting to believe the stories they hear about you
  • Your kids have more of a social life than you do
  • You are starting to understand Pokemon
  • You need your child to program your cell phone
  • You have to fight your kids for computer time
  • PTA has you on speed dial
  • You get excited about Costco coupons
  • You carry folding lawn chairs in your car
  • The only friends you see on a regular basis are your kid’s friend’s Moms
  • You can make cupcakes in your sleep…and actually might have done it already

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