Saturday, July 17, 2010

The House With All The Tractors

Yesterday our friend Gordon stopped by. He was telling Lily that this weekend he would be biking the STP, Seattle to Portland ride. (He's riding it now as I type, GO GORDON!!). He told Lily it was over 200 miles to Oregon. At the mention of Oregon, Lily's mind went straight to her Grandpa and Grandma that live in Oregon. She told Gordon, "When you pass a house with all the tractors in the yard, that's my Grandpa's house, so wave hi to him". We had a good laugh and told her that Gordon wouldn't be near Grandpa's house, but that was nice of her.

Speaking of Grandpa and Grandma, they are visiting this weekend. They brought with them the newest addition to the family, Maddie. She may be cute, but she has peed and pooped on my carpet, TWICE. Maddie is now in the backyard with our dogs, who are not happy to see her.

Grandpa also brought a water balloon launcher. Last summer when we visited them, Grandpa made a redneck balloon launcher that was the hit of the week (also took all week to tweak it so that it would actually launch a water balloon). Click HERE to see the one from last summer. Now you have to remember that my Dad is a big redneck. So lets just say he doesn't buy water balloon launchers at the store. He makes them from whatever he has laying around. Here's our new water balloon launcher. I'm surprised that the hydrangea's survived the water fight last night. Don't ask me how he made it, all I know is it's covered in duct tape. I have no idea how he comes up with these things!

2 comments: said...

Can I ask you what he made the water balloon launcher out of?

Snow Mommy said...

I'm guessing a funnel and duct tape.