Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Dad the Redneck

My Dad has always been the redneck farmer. We learned early on that Dad was great at building new creations from junk or "making do" with junk. I wish I could remember everything he has made. I do remember sleds made from car hoods and barrels (not always the safest!). The ER staff at the hospital in Ontario Oregon call him Tim Taylor because he is just as accident prone. He did have me a little scared the other night when the BBQ caught on fire (and the bottle of lighter fluid was melting).
Dad was just a little excited about the our visit. He decided that the kids needed a balloon launcher. Not just any balloon launcher, but a giant redneck one. The first prototype didn't work well, so he adjusted it, and this is what we got.


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Stephana said...

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