Saturday, July 4, 2009

Camping Pictures

Our first stop was Skamakawa Vista Park on the Columbia River. We love this campground because it's open and kid friendly. Nate and his cousin John were building sand castles in the open area next to our campsite. They also loved to play in the sand wall along the river.
Of course the purpose of this stop was fishing. Dan caught this sturgeon in a fishing hole that Lily picked out. Sturgeon need to be 42-56 inches to keep, pretty much as tall as Lily, but not taller than Nate. We had to throw this one back.
Our next stop was Beverly Beach State Park near Newport Oregon. The beach was beautiful, but it was so windy that we could have used Lily as a kite. The state park was huge and the first night there a tree came down behind the campsite next to us.
We visited Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It was fun to climb to the top, but again, it was really windy!
We took the kids to OSU Marine Center. It was great for the kids, with touch pools and tanks. Lily loved the octupus named Amigo.
Our last stop was Millersilvania State Park outside of Lacey. We went here last August and it rained most of the time. This time the sun was out and we actually went swimming! It's a great park for riding bikes, which is what we did alot!

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