Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool off, and find dinner

I wanted to do tacos for dinner tonight. The problem is that I haven't been able to get to the ground beef in the freezer, for ummmm, months. It's frozen on the bottom shelf, and I can't get it out. With this high heat we are having, I decided to defrost the freezer. Why not? It's about 100 degrees in the garage, so it will defrost fast. It did, and water is everywhere, but I still can not get to the ground beef. In the meantime, I am pulling everything else out, and sticking it in other freezers. I ran out of room, and am now putting stuff in the freezer in the trailer. And still the ground beef is stuck. We ended up having sloppy joes for dinner, because that was the only container that I could get out before dinner. Thank goodness precooked sloppy joes that only had to be reheated. So, I have a pool in my garage, full freezers, and maybe tacos for dinner tomorrow?


Stephana said...

well did you keep cool by the freezer or get hotter running back & forth between freezers???

Snow Mommy said...

Um, both. :)