Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yah, what you said

The other night we had our friends the Timmer's over for a BBQ. The kids were playing outside and a ball got thrown into my marrionberry bushes. Lily came over and here's her conversation with Dan.

Lily: The ball is stuck in the forns.

Dan: You mean the ball is stuck in the thorns.

Lily: I can't get the ball because of the forns.

Dan: TH-orns Lily, say thorns.

Lily: Forns

Dan: TH-TH-thorns

Lily: Yah, what you said.


DJan said...

Have you ever thought how hard it is to learn to say "th" as in "thorns"? I remember being a kid and trying to say it, realizing that I needed to bring my tongue all the way out of my mouth, which seemed, well, wrong!

Snow Mommy said...

You almost have to bite your tongue to say it. :)

Stephana said...

lol....that was one of those moments you just have to write down. Too cute!!

Renae said...

Lena had a really hard time with her TH's and now Aaron is struggling with them. We actually took Lena at 8 to speach therepy for them. 3 sessions and she was curred. They say it's the hardest of the letter combo sound to get!