Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturday was the Everson Parade. The kids had a blast, and it's tradition for my Mom's whole family to gather in the same spot to watch the parade. Lily and Nate saw friends from school and my Aunt Joni, who is a teacher, was constantly waving to and hugging kids. This first picture is Lily, Emma and Ben. They were dancing and jumping up and down (I don't see the band, so I don't know the reason they were dancing!).
This is Nate throwing candy. Poppa Wayne is driving Grandpa Dennison's 1940 Ford. Because Nate was the birthday boy, he got to ride in the car and throw candy. To him, this is way more fun than collecting candy. Poppa Wayne stopped the car in front of the whole family and we sang Happy Birthday to Nate.
Also a 7-11 birthday is my Aunt Ruthi. Nate was born on her birthday, which makes him extra special in her book. Hope you had a great birthday Ruthi!
This is Poppa Wayne, Mom and Nate before the parade.

After the parade we went to the Everson City park to check out the festivities. After that we got all dressed up to go to Dan's cousin's wedding. After the wedding we had a great BBQ and pool party. Details on that one will have to wait until tomorrow. Let's just say that my sister in law Tiffani has plenty of things for Not Me Monday!


Erin said...

So bummed we missed the parade. So glad we have an alibi for whatever happened at the BBQ / Pool Party. :)

Mommy Cracked said...

I love parades! It sounds like y'all had a very busy weekend!