Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blue Eyed Boys

Nate and my nephew Drew are the only blue eyed kids in our family. This is funny because my siblings and I are all blue or green eyed. Lily, Emma, Grant and Ben all have brown eyes. Until Drew was born all of Lily's cousins had brown eyes. So naturally she believed that any kid with brown eyes was her cousin. She was talking to my cousin's son John (who we call a cousin because it's too complicated to go into details) and she told him, "John, you are my cousin because you have brown eyes".

Nate and baby Drew are my blue eyed boys. Drew is reminding us more of Nate every day. He has the energy like Nate and is very good natured. I hope that they will be close even with the 8 year age difference. Drew lights up when he see's Nate and Lily (and of course his FAVORITE Aunty Holly).


Dan said...

I would like to say a big you!! Hello!!! I get more laughs from him then you do. But what can I say Uncle Paco always gets laughs from the nieces and nephews. :)

Dan said...

That was supposed to be a big thank you!!! just for clarification.