Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Not Me Monday was created by Mckmama, check out her blog to see what she's not doing this week.

Also, check out my sister in law Tiffani's Not Me! Monday! for her hilarious take on what we did NOT do this weekend.

Tracie did NOT tell her brother in law Brad that if he let Dan or I into her house while she was gone for the weekend, that she would make him sleep with the pigs.
I did NOT call Brad and tell him that a group of friends would be showing up at Gordon and Tracie's while they were gone, to have a BBQ and pool party.

Brad did NOT throw up his hands and say that he had nothing to do with this party.

We did NOT use Gordon's BBQ to make some tasty chicken, kibobs, and brats. (Gordon is drooling right now). We did NOT have a great dinner and make a big mess on the deck. Abby did NOT find a leftover kabob and take off with it. (Abby is the little dog in the picture).

Tiffani, Marty, Emma, Grant, Ben, Dan, Me, Nate and Lily did NOT jump in Gordon and Tracie's pool to cool off after a hot day. The pool was NOT a chilly 78 degrees. I did NOT stand on the pool ladder as shown here and not go in any further. I did NOT spend the rest of the time on the side of the pool holding Grant who was scared of the water.
We all did NOT leave hints on Facebook saying that we had a great BBQ and pool party.
My friend Erin did NOT freak out because she was out of town and thought we were doing something at her house. (You are next Erin......he he he he he).
Tracie is NOT on her way home today and planning on her revenge. I don't want to know the conversation she will have with Brad tonight.

On another note.......I did NOT bowl the best game of my life last week. I was NOT freaking out because the only time I bowl well is when I am pregnant. My friend Amy who we were bowling with did NOT suggest that I stop at the store on the way home and pick up a preganancy test. I would NOT totally freak out if I was preganant, being that I just bought a new car that won't fit 3 car seats.

What did you NOT do this week?

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