Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sailing in Seattle

For our Anniversary last May, Dan wanted to take me to Seattle for the weekend. Of course I was knee deep in homework and there was no way we could go out of town until Summer. So Dan booked us a day of sailing for this past Sunday. We invited a miss mosh of friends, and we couldn't have picked a more beautiful day. This was our sail boat for the day. Below deck were three cabins (beds) and a kitchen with a large table. This would be a great boat to take out for the weekend!
Dan and his brother Kevin were being goofy. But we learned that Kevin is a natural sailor (just like his brother!).
This is Mt. Rainier behind a cruise boat that was leaving Seattle.
Dana, our skipper for the day.
They even trusted me to take the wheel for awhile. I was told to follow a sail boat in front of us, and then I freaked out when they decided to turn. I'll stick to letting someone else drive!

It truly was a great day out on the water. We would love to do it again sometime. Anyone up for a sail?

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