Friday, October 26, 2012

A Loving Example

For the last few years, one of my biggest fears was losing all my grandparents at once. I knew how blessed I was to have all 8 (step grandparents included) of my grandparents alive into their 80's. That's some good genetics! A few years ago I lost my first grandfather, and then have lost three more in the last two years. This week I lost my first grandmother. That makes three grandparents lost this year. It's been heartbreaking.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Grandma K. She became our step grandmother over 17 years ago, and never treated us as step grandchildren. She welcomed four teenagers into the family and treated us as she did her own grandchildren. She remembered us on every birthday and holiday.

She set an example of God's love. It doesn't matter how the family was put together, family is family.

When I am sad, grieving, frustrated or just feeling helpless in a situation, you can find me in the kitchen. Tonight I made my cheesy broccoli soup, Grandma K's favorite. When I gave her the schedual of this year's soup of the month club, she told me she was looking forward to June when I would bring my cheesy broccoli soup.

I am so thankful for her example and will forever remember the love she showed!

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