Friday, October 19, 2012

Crazy Auntie!

Life has been very busy. I always say that, but I think I have been working more than I ever have (as a Mom), and with Dan being gone for going on 77 days......I'm running hard. So imagine my suprise last Friday when I realized we had no plans. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Well.....the house needed cleaning, like bad.

So what do I do when the house is a mess, and I have no plans? I call my sister in law and offer to take her 4 kids overnight. Why not? I have missed those kiddos and needed some bonus Auntie points. And they really couldn't mess up things much more than they already were. (Wow, how do I forget the mess 4 extra kids make?).

I did do some prep before they came over. I made sure there were chocolates above the toilet (Halloween ones too!) and made a batch of cookie bars. For the record, those bars barely lasted the evening!! I think my brother stole the last one when he picked the kids up.

The kids had a blast playing, and for the most part it was an uneventful evening. Until bedtime. I let the kids build a fort to sleep in, and then gave them all glow sticks (I am the cool, fun Auntie!). What I didn't know was, you DON'T give Drew glow sticks. Within minutes of lights out, I hear Emma say, "Auntie, Drew broke his glow stick". I quickly got him to go wash up, and found that my floor, Emma's blanket, Lily's slippers, and the side of the chair were glowing. I cleaned things up the best I could, and ended up separating two of the kids to another room so that there was less talking, and more attempts at going to sleep.

The next morning was filled with questions like, "Why is Drew naked?", "Where are Drew's pants?", "Drew why don't you have pants on?" and "Drew, you just had your pants, now where did you lose them?".

It really was fun to have the kids over. I give kudos to my brother and sister in law for dealing with 4 kids all day, everyday. Next time, we will skip the glow sticks!


The Millers said...

Ummm...and where are the pictures of said mess??? I want to see them! Lol.

Snow Mommy said...

Nope, no pictures. Was too busy cleaning it up!! :)