Monday, December 3, 2012

Crafts, and my love/hate relationship

I love the idea of crafts. I but I dread doing them. I realized last night why. When I do crafts, it's for a LARGE group, and I get suckered into doing so many crafts, it sucks the fun right out of crafting. Years ago I was part of a Moms group at church and we did crafts for 100 or more women. I can't stand the smell of peppermint because of one of those crafts......long story!

Now, I'm working on a craft project for PACE at school. It's for a group of 60 kids. I'm doing cocoa mix in Starbucks Frappaccino jars. This is the third year I have done this craft. It's pretty simple, and I can get everything prepped in just a few hours. (Last year we were short on jars and I had my Mom and staff at school chugging frappaccinos so that I could use the bottles!). This year I had collected more than enough jars, and I set out to get them cleaned up, and pull the labels off. In the past, if you pull the labels off as they come out of the hot dishwasher, they peel right off. NOT. SO. MUCH. NOW. Starbucks must have changed the glue on the labels, because they leave behind the glue, and only elbow grease and a SOS pad will get it off. NOT fun when you have to scrub 60 bottles. I was grumbling some not so nice things about Starbucks as I scrubbed those bottles. Let's just say, we will be choosing a different craft next year.

I hope someday I can enjoy some crafts, without having to do so many of them!

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