Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jingle Bell Run

A year ago I started running. My goal was to run the Jingle Bell Run that benefits the Arthritis Foundation. For the last few years, I have walked this 5K fun run/walk with my Mom and my kids, while the men in the family run it. I had been wanting to run it for years, but never did. I set my 2012 goals, and the Jingle Bell Run was at the top of the list. Knowing I needed a short term goal to keep me on track, my step-dad suggested a 5K run in February. And then another in May. I found a local run in July, and then my siblings and I did a relay in September. This all lead up to the Jingle Bell Run. The week of the run I came down with a cold, and the morning of the run, it was only 38 degrees. Both things slowed me down, but didn't stop me from running.

My brother Marty ran with me and was very patient with my slow pace. I do have to say that I owned the small hills! And at the end, he pushed me to run it in. I ended up with a 35 minute flat time. Not my best, but I met my goal! Next year's goal is to run it under 32 minutes.

I have my 2013 goals set, and my brother and I have been challenged to run a 10k......oh boy!!

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