Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

We found the perfect Christmas tree this year. We went to my favorite U Cut tree farm, Noon Rd Trees on Thanskgiving weekend. We had to get the tree early, because Dan was heading back to work, and wouldn't be around until after Christmas. It was a beautiful turkish fir, and we loved it.
The tree held up beautifully, hardly losing any needles. I was shocked at how good it looked, even after Christmas.
Dan finally got home, just days before we went to Cancun, so we finally celebrated Christmas with his family last Sunday. We finally took the tree down on Tuesday....that's a long time for a cut tree. The funny thing is that this tree lost less needles than my fake tree last year!
So during this time of enjoying our wonderful tree,  I had been experiencing a red rash under my eyes. I thought it was from a new eye cream, but it wasn't going away weeks later. When we went to Cancun, the rash disappeared, then came back as soon as we got home. I was convinced it was the dry air at home.....until we took the tree down. The rash went away with the tree.

So now we will have to decide if a beautiful, wonderful, perfect cut tree will be in our future again.

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