Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snow Day!

We were thrilled to wake up to Snow this morning! My Mom asked us to feed the cat while she is out of town, so the kids and I took a walk with Buddy. Note, Buddy knows the way to my Mom's because he likes to go play with her dog Charlie. So when we get close he gets excited and wants to run! Just so happened that Lily wanted to "walk" Buddy as we got closer. I am sooo mad I didn't get this on video.....we totally could have won on AFV!! Note, Lily did NOT think this was so funny and it took about 10 minutes for Nate and I to stop laughing, and her to stop crying. After I convinced her that it would have won money on AFV, she wanted to recreate it to be rich and famous!! For giggles, we may let her!

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