Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear DirecTV

Dear DirecTV,

We have been loyal customers for 9 years now. We took you with us when we moved, and have referred your service to others. So my question is why I am getting letters asking us to come back to DirecTV? And not just a couple, but one every other week. Also, please stop calling me! I don't appreciate getting your sales calls at bedtime, two nights in a row. No means no, please take me off your list.

Thank you,

The Snows

Sorry, just venting!!!!


Anonymous said...

I would suggest putting one of the kids on the phone next time they call. I'm all for respecting others, but when you get irritating sales call when you have in the past been pleasant...there is only so much you can deal with. So at our home the phone usually get's handed to Isaiah (our almost 3 year old) who normally shares with them about his newest potty training adventures, the play-by-play scenario's of all that he did that day or what we were doing at that moment. We don't usually get a call back. Good luck! kristen

Snow Mommy said...

Thanks Kristen, we have done that before. The best is when the telemarketers ask for their Dad, and the kids go into a long story about Dad being on a boat.