Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

My sister in law Tiffani and I decided we need to teach a class about Black Friday shopping. We really are the seasoned pros and are now famous after my Mom was interviewed by the local paper about our Black Friday traditions (and interviewed on the radio Friday morning).

Really the best advice we could give is don't go alone. Go with friends and family and keep a good attitude. Seriously, if you are grumpy, STAY IN BED! So here's a few tricks of the trade we have learned over the years.

  • Don't get a cart unless you really are getting more than you can hold. A cart will slow you down in Target and make traffic flow much worse.
  • Expect that the people behind you will laugh if you buy a snuggie for your dog! (We were the one's laughing!!!).
  • Must have caffeine.....and lots of it! We have my Aunt Ruthi call in our coffee orders and pick them up for all of us. She always gets two extra hot chocolates for the people around us. This year a lady walked up to Ruthi and asked for two lattes and a hot chocolate (joking of course). Imagine her surprise when Ruthi hands her a hot chocolate and says Merry Christmas!
  • Combine your purchases with family to get the most discounts and coupons. By combining our purchases at Target, we were able to use a $15 off coupon, plus they gave us a $10 gift card for spending $100.
  • If you have a coupon code, share with the people around you! We shared a coupon code at Old Navy with a complete stranger and she saved an extra $15.
  • Don't be afraid to wave down a stock boy who is walking by with a stack of DVD's that you were looking for!
  • BE NICE! Just because it's Black Friday and it's 4am, don't be rude! Help others and be kind!
  • Have a plan!!! Tiffani makes a notebook, I have a list, and we have a plan on where, when and what we need.
See you next year, bright and early!

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