Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving #1 and #2 and #3

I hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday and it turned out great. My Mom did a turkey in her oven, then I did one in my roaster. I also did a ham in the crock pot. We were expecting 35 people, and we like leftover turkey, so we thought we planned it well. The rest of the family brought the rest of the traditional food and we were set. So Mom carved her turkey, we all ate......and never touched my 21 pound turkey.

So tonight we are having Thanksgiving #2. Dan came home yesterday and my Dad and Step-Mom are visiting, so we are having another turkey dinner. The whole gang is coming over and we are having dinner of hot turkey sandwiches, and all the other left overs.

Tomorrow we go to my Mother in law's for Thanksgiving #3. I think I will be sick of turkey soon!

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DJan said...

One of the best things about turkey, though, is the soups and stews that can be made afterwards and then frozen. I'm sure you'll love it again in January! But what a wonderful blessing to have three of them!!