Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lily received a Pioneer Pride award from school last week. She was recognized at the monthly assembly, and she was so proud. The note her teacher sent home said she was awarded for "bringing so much enthusiasm, positive energy, and delight to school activities and work!".

This same bright little girl posted a sign on her door that read:

Boys keep out uf my room. Girls sae in my room.

What's really sad is that I was very impressed with her writing and spelling.


DJan said...

I'm sure her spelling will improve, but what a wonderful award she received! I would have loved to see my son receive anything like that, but it was usually a note for a parent/teacher conference. :-)

I did wonder what "girls sae in my room" means...

Snow Mommy said...

It was fun to see her on stage. Lily was trying to write "stay" and put sae. Pretty good try for a 1 st grader!