Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heart Ache

This is Grandma and Grandpa Dennison. This picture is from the Everson Parade just this past July. Grandma and Grandpa celebrated 60 years of marriage this past August.

My heart is breaking today at how difficult Grandma's health issues have been. The short story is that Grandma had heart surgery in September for a torn Aorta. 10 days later she had a pace maker put in. After a long recovery, she was home briefly before she went back in this last time. Just last week they were seeing small signs of improvement. Then Grandma fell and broke her hip and her shoulder. She came down with pneumonia and is too weak for them to do surgery to fix her hip. So since Saturday they have kept her highly drugged. Today they couldn't even get her to wake up. It's been a hard road for Grandpa and his four daughters (Mom included). I went and visited today and my heart ached to see Grandma so frail, broken and bruised.

Sunday Pastor Grant spoke about pain. He talked about how God will carry us and cover us in our pain. I'm asking all you prayer warriors to keep Grandma and our family in your prayers. While we can't see God's plan right now, we ask for comfort and strength to endure this long road. Thank you.


Stephana said...

That's what I've been praying for......I'm sorry for the pain.

DJan said...

Such a heartfelt desire is a prayer in itself, Holly. The prayer warriors are hard at work, and I also pray that your grandmother's pain be lessened. My heart is heavy for you and Tiff.

Snow Mommy said...

Thank you!