Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

This has been such a crazy year, I really felt like we did a ton of nothing. It wasn't until I went through all of my pictures for the year that I realized all that we did. I think it's important to realize how much we really accomplished this year, and celebrate the milestones. Here's just a few....

  • I Graduated!!! I finished my AA that I started 14 years ago, a goal I had for years. (And got all A's)
  • I rejoined the work force. This was a scary transition for me, being a stay a home Mom for 9 years. I hope that I will get better at balancing work and home.
  • We welcomed a nephew and niece to the family this year. What a joy baby Drew and baby Ashlyn have been to the family.
  • We survived a 10 day camping trip down the coast. That was a long trip for us, but we all survived and had fun.
  • I survived a camping trip and a road trip without Dan. This was a challenge for me. I don't like to do these things without him (and still prefer to have him with).
  • Grandma Dennison endured a torn aorta, getting a pace maker, hip surgery and shoulder surgery. The family held strong and was by her side the whole time. With love and support, Grandma is home and healing.
  • I started my Scentsy business and had a great first year. I'm still learning and growing, and have a great team of consultants now!
  • Dan finished his schooling to get his Mate's license. This was a challenge considering his classes were in Oregon and he had to fit it in on his time off. We are very proud of his accomplishment.
  • Lily had her first ballet recital. She remembered every step and gave great effort.
  • Nate got glasses and adjusted with no problems. He managed to not break his glasses (my fear) the whole year!
While we had many struggles this year, I resolve to remember how much we overcame and grew this past year. Our family was rocked with miscarriages, cancer diagnoses and many other health problems. I pray that 2010 will have less struggles and more joy.

Happy New Year!!


DJan said...

I had no idea, reading your blog, that you had been out of the work force for 9 years. This is a major accomplishment, and especially during this past year. I enjoy following your family, Holly!

Tiff said...

It has been a big year, huh? I'm looking forward to 2010 and hoping it is a little less "exciting!"