Sunday, July 17, 2011

Warning: Coupons May Cause Weight Gain!

I am a new couponer. Please do NOT call me an extreme one. I have strong opinions on the people who clean out grocery shelves and should be on the hoarders show. My goal is to save my family money, and be able to donate more to our church's food bank. Do I have stockpiles, yes. Will I use them within 6 months, or before they expire, yes. I am still learning the fine art of couponing, and have reached an overall 50-60% savings. That's just the number my receipt tells me. But really, I have more products (and better quality) than before. I have a coupon binder, and you can find me lugging all around town as I shop. Couponing hasn't hit that hard up here, so I get strange looks, or complete strangers stopping to ask about my coupon binder. I have learned what blogs to watch, and to always have a list ( learned that one the hard way).

What nobody warned me about was the weight gain! Seriously! See, when manufacturers want you to try a new product, they give out a high value coupon. Case in point, Magnum Ice Cream Bars. They look sinful, and even the name sounds a bit dirty! I had coupons for these sinful delights, and Safeway was having a sale. I got my first box for free. It's like a crack dealer giving you your first hit, knowing you will be back for more. You think I'm exaggerating? I can't count how many boxes I have eaten so far this summer! I refuse to know how many calories are in each bar. I just know that I can't pass them up when they are on sale (with a coupon of course!). I have even opened a box to eat a bar on my way home from the store. Problem with that is it melts quickly and I ended up wearing half of it. I'm sure I looked hilarious driving down the road sucking all the melted chocolate off my fingers. My only hope is that summer will be over sooner than I would like, and then the coupons will be gone and I won't be tempted to buy more.......or too many more!

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