Friday, July 8, 2011

While We Were Gone......

My friends and I have a strange tradition of pranking each others houses while they are away on vacation. Last week, 7 out of the 8 of us were out of town. I made sure that Tiff (the only one home), knew that she had 7 houses to choose from. Of course she choose the easiest one, MINE!

She started out with a blog post and facebook post about it being my birthday. I knew she was up to trouble and was scared as to what I would find when I got home. Click HERE to read Tiff's blog.

So it took me three days to find the master list. And I wasn't happy! We came home tired, and frazzled, so my mind was not ready to figure out clues. We are still finding labels in random places. Yesterday I went to grab a towel before my shower and found a label. Dan wanted soup for lunch the other day and we had to start reading numbers off the cans and check the master list to see what they were. Lord help me if we loose that list!

I have told Tiff and Kristen that I will get revenge. I already got Kristen, click HERE and read flush number two. Many people have shared some great ways to get revenge. And of course Tiff will be in Africa for two whole weeks this summer! (Insert evil laugh).

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