Monday, August 1, 2011

Rite Aid Coupon Trip

I have been scoring great deals at Rite Aid. I have wanted to share a great trip, and today's all came together perfectly.
So this is $45.25 in product (before tax).
I used $15 in coupons, $15 UP reward (from previous trip), and a $3 survey coupon (no longer printing).
Total out of pocket, with tax was $15.84.
I received $9 in UP rewards for next trip.
I submitted my receipt for a Single Check Rebate for $12.99, and have a Mail in rebate for the Allegra for $6.29.
Making this a moneymaker of $12.44!!

1 comment:

Stephana said...

Nice job!!!! And it looks like it's all stuff you will use too!!!!