Monday, August 8, 2011

Scentsy Stampede, Fort Worth, 2011

I was so lucky to get to go to Scentsy Convention last week. I arrived in Fort Worth on an hour of sleep the night before and was hit smack in the face with 109 degree weather. Coming from a cold summer here, where I heard we have hit 80 degrees for a whole 79 minutes, it was a shocker. You couldn't take in a deep breath, it was so hot and muggy!

The first night Scentsy had a big Texas welcome for us at the Stock Yards. What a fun place. We watched a rodeo, ate dinner at Billy Bob's and had a Gloriana/ Clint Black concert. We did a little shopping until we were so sticky and beat that we had to call it a night.

Our second day we were up early to head to the convention center. It was team day and I had made my team, Snow Angels, matching tee shirts with our logo on them. I had also bought some halos for them to wear, and angel wings for me. I just wanted a picture of all 8 of us together with my wings, I had no intention of actually wearing them. What I didn't know was that Scentsy was going to call all the Directors up on stage to be acknowledged in front of 10,000 people. As I got up to get in line to parade across the stage, my team insisted that I wear my wings. I tried to talk my way out of it, but they had me at "it was your idea!".  So we now have pictures, and video of me in a halo and angel wings, walking across a stage with confetti flying.
Scentsy made some great announcements, including some fabulous new warmers and scents, new Scentsy Buddies and a new product, Solid Fragrances. We also had some very informative speakers. And in true Scentsy fashion, we received over $200 worth of brand new products. I also received a convention warmer that's a cowboy boot!

Our third day was filled with more speakers, and awards night. The entertainment for the night was Anita Renfro, who I love! She had us in stitches! Our incentive trip to the Hard Rock Cafe Resort in Dominican Republic was announced, along with our convention next year in Las Vegas!

Saturday I was blessed to get to have lunch with two high school friends who live in Texas. What a fun time catching up with them!

I had a blast with my team, and can't wait for next year. I love that I have had the opportunity to visit new places and make some great memories!

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