Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things I learned....

We survived having my brother's 4 kids over for two nights. The kids has fun, and nobody got hurt! Amazing! It really went well and I was able to pass them off to my Mom with clean clothes and a good nights sleep. I was able to make dinner both nights and kept up on dishes and laundry. But I have to say I was ex-haus-ted by the time they left. It hasn't been that long since I have had them overnight, and it's only been a few years since my kids where that small, but still, you forget some things. Here's a few I learned, or re-learned this week.
  • It's impossible to take an uninterrupted shower with small children awake. Each morning I would get two four year olds opening the door yelling, "Auntie Holly....". And while the door was opened, Drew would walk in and open the shower curtain! Freaked me out!!
  • Don't feed small children rice and corn, unless they are eating outside. What a mess!!
  • Don't pass out 6 milk cups and let them walk off with them. I think we are still missing 2 milk cups. YUCK!
  • Every time I was in the kitchen, one of the little boys would ask me, "Whatcha makin?". 
  • Don't give multiple instructions at once. I think I am spoiled with my kids who have been able to do this for years. Lily especially, you give her a list, and she will get them done in order, within the time frame. When I told a little boy in blue to go pee then get dressed, he can't even get one done. It had to be one thing at a time. 
  •  Three kids is one to many in the bathtub. You must do it in pairs, or solo. 
  • Those kids can eat! Good thing I stocked up on groceries!
  • If I want to indulge myself with one of my ice cream bars, make sure to offer the kids fudgecicles first.
  • When putting Drew to sleep, he will tell you that he can't do it. When you ask what he can't do, he will look right at you and say, "I don't know". Oh, and Drew talks in his sleep. And Emma snores. 
  • The twins could spend the whole day in the pool, as long as it's just them. 
  • Nate learned quickly, if you give a mouse a cookie......or if you give one kid a snack, you better have one for all of the others!
  • And lastly, I learned that Tiffani is my hero.....ok, I've known that for years, but I have to give her kudos!!

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