Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day's Birthday

Day is Lily's bear. She's had "him" since she was 18 months old. He came from her Great Grandparents that Christmas. She named him Day, her bear, her choice right? Last Sunday Lily decided it was Day's birthday. She was very concerned that Day was only 4 and she wanted him to be 5 so that he could go to Kindergarten with her. We have gone through this before, when Nate announced it was Bear's (his favorite bear, very creative with the name huh?) birthday and we had a little party. At first Lily said we would have the party on Monday, and even Grandma said she would try to stop by. Then Sunday on the way home from church, Lily decided that the party would be that day. I had no plans that afternoon, so went along with her plan. Lily said that Day's favorite frosting was chocolate (shocker, so is Lily's) and that he wanted pink sprinkles (wow, another of Lily's favorites!). So I set to making cupcakes. Good thing I have about a dozen cake mixes on hand. While we were waiting on cupcakes, we looked in my box of gifts and found a book, the only option that I allow because seriously, if she picks out a toy, it's not for the bear! At least we can read the book to Day. So then we wrap the present, and the kids gather all their stuffed animals in the living room. Next we blow up balloons, frost the cupcakes, then light a candle. All the animals are in a circle, we ALL sing Happy Birthday, and Lily helps Day blow out the candle. I take pictures, the kids eat the cupcakes, open the present and the party is over. Moral of the story is...... live a little in your child's world. Be creative, let them use their imagination, and play along even if it feels silly. At least you get cupcakes out of it!


Love my babes said...

Ok, how big does Lily look in that picture? Since I don't get to see the kids other than once a year if I am lucky. But since I saw her in May she sure looks big. Congrats on your 5th b-day Day! I guess I will have to wait for Kolette to announce that it is "Baby Haircut's" b-day.

Snowmommy said...

I know! Lily looks so much bigger since she started kindergarten! I swear she grew an inch the first day, because she looked so big getting off the bus!