Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evil Coffee Cart

I survived my first lab class, even without my coffee for two hours. The horrible part was I had to pass a coffee cart on my way in the door to the lab. So I can smell coffee, I'm craving a mocha, and I can't have any.
The lab instructor gave us all the fire and brimstone speech to scare us. The reason they don't allow food and drinks in the lab is because the microbiology class (not mine thank goodness) deals with e-coli and samanila(sp?), lovely! She instructed us on how to shut off the gas line in case of a fire, and how to use the shower in the corner of the lab in case of exposure. She said if we got anything on our clothes, we would have to leave them there, but don't worry, there were scrubs to send you home in. Imagine leaving the lab in scrubs, everyone you saw would know you were the one who spilled in the lab!
As with my other class, we were told about what to do in a lock down situation. I understand the need for this procedure, but it made me realize how much things have changed in 13 years! If we have a lock down, can I lock myself in the coffee cart?

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Love my babes said...

E-coli from Coffee did I miss s/thing? Maybe you just need a I.V. drip of it to survive the 2 hr class:o)