Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of School

My whole family gave me a bad time about getting a picture my first day of school. Even my brother's girlfriend Jessica wanted a picture of us in our first class together. (We will try tomorrow and just call it the first day...don't tell). So here is what I decided to wear, picture is courtesy of Nate. The messenger bag on my shoulder only lasted one class, it was too heavy. So between classes I went to Target and bought a backpack, $6.68 baby! It worked much better!
Classes went well, I'm a little overwhelmed at all the work needed. For Biology we have 3 field trips, one of them at 9:45pm to visit the beach at low tide. That will be interesting in the dark. Think Nate will let me borrow his headlamp? Tomorrow is the first lab class for Bio and we can't bring food or drinks into the lab. Me without coffee for two hours in the morning will be quite the lab experiment in itself.
Keep me in your prayers this whole quarter. I'm already stressing about how I will make it all work and get everything done. Like right now, it's bathtime and I'm blogging. Gotta run!!!!


Tiff said...

Dear Auntie,

I love you, and I want to say conwalalations on your first day of school in the picture. I hope you had fun. How did you do?


Love my babes said...

I think you look great for your 2nd day of school. Hope it goes smoothly w/o coffee...


Amy said...

One hot lady! Call me when you have time between homework and kids to fill me in on how school is going.

:) lil sis

marja said...

Looking Good! The idea of buying backbag was #1! Enjoy your fieldtrips and at the lab -try pure water instead coffee. It helps to keep mind clear. ;o)-Marja