Friday, October 16, 2009

Chili Cook Off

I was told today by my hubby that I haven't blogged since Monday. He told me to get on top of it. Cuz really, I only had a sinus infection this week. That's all. So I feel like I am playing catch up all day, trying to get the house back in order. Last night I made my chili for tonight's chili cook off. This is the famous Little Bearfoot Farm chili cook off. Last year we had a blast eating chili and carving pumpkins. This year the competition is on and we have all been tweeking our chili recipes for months. While I talk a lot of smack, I really don't think mine will win. My goal is to NOT get the boobie prize. Wish me luck, and go check out the plaque I'm hoping to win!


DJan said...

I see you lent Dan to Tiff so she could get some sleep. That was a really cool thing he did. How come he doesn't start his OWN blog instead of worrying about yours? How did the chili cookoff go?

Snow Mommy said...

Chili cookoff was great, we had fun. It's amazing that 8 chili's can be so different. Dan may not be a blogger, but loves to keep up on mine and Tiffs. Helps him stay connected while he is gone.