Friday, October 30, 2009

Lessons Learned

Things I have learned this week:

  • Don't sponsor your child per lap in the jog a thon. When you do that, it will rain and the kids will jog inside the gym, doing 29 laps in 30 minutes. That's $1 per lap, per kid. YIKES!
  • If you teach preschoolers to make worms out of play dough, they will then put the worms down other student's shirts.
  • Don't wear white to preschool!!!!
  • If one child signs you up to bring cookies for their class Halloween party, don't think that making pumpkin shaped sugar cookies is a cute idea. Because then, the other child will want you to do the same for their class and you will end up making 4 dozen pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with orange frosting and sprinkles.


Tiff said...

HeeHee!! Good lessons!!

DJan said...

When you said "per lap" I didn't think of them running around but climbing INTO them. Figure they could do an awful lot of laps if you were sitting down... :-)