Saturday, August 28, 2010

101 Reasons I Hate Socks in Summer

I HATE to fold socks in summer. There is just something wrong about it. Ok, there are many things wrong about it. Here are a few of my reasons.

  • Summer should be warm/hot and we should not NEED to wear socks.
  • Summer is the only time that I polish my toe nails, and I need to show them off.
  • Socks in the summer tend to be extra dirty and smelly, gross!
  • I have enough laundry to do in the summer with beach towels, swimsuits, blankets used at picnics, and sleeping bags from camping. I don't have time to sit and fold socks!
  • Socks tend to disappear more in the summer, leaving me with a big pile of single socks.
  • Did I mention that summer should be HOT? Today it's only 62 degrees, making me want to put socks on. Hello, it's late August, bring on the heat!
  • Socks and sandals are just wrong!! (Just sayin')
  • I rarely see the bottom of the laundry basket in the summer, so socks are a low priority.
  • Well, I don't have 101 reasons (right now) because I have a pile of socks to fold!

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Tiff said...

I hear ya, sister!! Grant got socks out of his drawer today, and told me, "Mommy, we are almost out of socks. We need to go buy more." I responded, "No, baby, we just haven't matched socks in a really long time..." :)