Friday, August 20, 2010

Calvin and Hobbs

The family finally talked me into a kitten. We can't have an outdoor kitten because of the dogs and our huge sandbox (that would be used as a litter box). I don't like the idea of a litter box in the house, but Dan convinced me that he would put in a cat door and the litter box could be put in the garage. A friend on Facebook had kittens, so we went to take a look. The idea was for Lily to pick a kitten, but somehow we drove away with two (insert Nate's grinning face here). Since Lily picked her's first, she named him Simon. Nate picked his and called him Calvin, after his favorite books, Calvin and Hobbs. Simon and Calvin were hard to say, so the next day we talked Lily into naming her kitty Hobbs. Lily said, "I can live with that".
Calvin and Hobbs are super sweet and being brothers, play well together. Nate has been good about giving them food and water, and Lily is cleaning the litter box. I'm proud of how responsible they have been.......but it's only been two days.

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